El Canal de Todos (The People's Canal)

The aim of the program "El Canal de Todos" is to bring more Panamanian students in contact with the realities of the Panama Canal.

This is a nationwide initiative of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) for the purpose of creating among the Panamanian youth a wide and up-to-date criterion with regards to the responsibilities of the Panamanian administration of the waterway.

As part of this program, an ACP team visits schools in various regions of the country. In 2007 "El Canal de Todos" toured schools in all provinces around the country.

Students at the CanalAmong the schools visited were the Colegio José Daniel Crespo in Herrera, San José de La Salle in Colón, Colegio Manuel Tejada Roca in Los Santos, Escuela Sitio Prado in the Ngobe area in Chiriqui, and the Instituto Comercial Bolívar in Panama.

The Panama Canal Authority conducts this program at a national level to disseminate information on its workings to meet the new responsibilities it has acquired with the transfer of the waterway to the Republic of Panama. "El Canal de Todos" is a project being carried out in the provinces to increase awareness among students nationwide concerning the realities and future plans for the most strategic of all the resources of the Republic of Panama. To date, more than 25,000 Panamanians have participated in this program since its inception in 2002.

Updated: 01-Apr-2008