Board of Directors

Oscar Ramírez

Board Member

Mr. Ramirez is currently the Rector of the Technological University of Panama (UTP), elected for the 2013 – 2018 period.

He holds a degree in Civil Engineering from UTP; a Master’s Degree in Science and a PhD in Structural and Seismic Engineering from the State University of New York, United States (SUNY-Buffalo).

Oscar Ramírez is a tenured professor of Structural Mechanics in the UTP since 1985 and a founding member of the Structural Engineering Master Degree Program. As part of his academic history, stand out the teaching, administrative, research positions he has occupied during the last 30 years at UTP.

He held the position of director of the Engineering Experimental Center, and was research assistant in the Structural and Seismic Engineering Department of the State University of New York, in Buffalo. He has made great contributions to the state of knowledge in the field of seismic energy dissipation using passive damping systems.

Mr. Ramírez has worked as consulting engineer and designer for various national and international architectural firms and construction companies. He was part of the consulting team responsible for designing the rehabilitation of the new Ataturk airport, in Turkey. He has been the structural engineer for a large number of high-rise buildings in Panama, consulting engineer for various civil works such as the Fortuna Hydroelectric Plant, and structural co-designer of the Biodiversity Museum by Frank Gehry's Group.

He is an international lecturer on topics related to structural engineering, civil engineering, seismic analysis and design, as well as in high-rise buildings design in the United States, Mexico, Cuba, Colombia and Nicaragua, among others.

In 2001, he was granted the New York State University Dr. Sophokles E. Logiadis Prize and the Technological University of Panama Dr. Victor Levi Award. He belongs to nine engineering associations and committees in the United States and Panama.

Mr. Oscar Ramírez was appointed as a member of the Panama Canal Authority Board of Directors on April 13, 2016, for a nine-year term.

Updated: 18-Sep-2018