Panama, January 12, 2001. Panama Canal Authority (ACP) workers completely stabilized the bulk carrier Jag Rekha, thus allowing the ship to sail on her own power to Gatun Lake today, to be repaired before she continued her northbound transit.

Normal vessel trim was reestablished on Wednesday night, once the ruptured hull was sealed and water pumped out of one of the forward cargo holds.

The bulk carrier ran aground this past Sunday, January 7, while transiting through Gaillard Cut. The Indian-flag Jag Rekha, is 635.96 feet long with a beam of 90.75 feet, and is carrying iron manufactures.

According to Canal Maritime Operations Director Jorge Quijano, “Canal personnel worked nonstop from the moment the incident occurred. Thanks to their professionalism and hard work, we were able to stabilize the vessel to our satisfaction. The Jag Rekha was then transferred-using its own propulsion-to Gatun Lake, where the final repairs will take place so the vessel is fully seaworthy and can continue its voyage to next port.”

Panama Canal traffic was not interrupted and the incident is still under investigation.