Executive Vice Presidency for Operations – Contact List

Executive Vice Presidency for Operations – Contact List

Updated: 29-Jun-2023

Operations Information Office

Vice Presidency of Operations

Board of Inspectors

Transit Operations Division

Manager Canal Port Captain – Balboa

  • Transit Operations Division
  • Tel. 272-3690
  • Building 910, La Boca, Panama, Republic of Panama

Canal Port Captain- Balboa

Naval Architect

Dangerous Cargo Requirements and Precautionary Designator (PD) Assignment

Maneuvering Fuel and Scrubber Requirements

Port Entry Coordinator - Flamenco Signal Station

Port Entry Coordinator - Cristobal Signal Station

Transit Reservations Team

Marine Traffic Watch Supervisor

Vessel’s Transit Scheduler

Balboa Harbor Controller

Cristobal Harbor Controller

ETA Clerk

Vessel’s Information Center

Admeasurement Unit

Admeasurement Supervisor

Research - Balboa

Research - Cristobal

Plan Revision for Tonnage Certification

Billing Team

PCSOPEP Plan Revision

Canal Protection and Emergency Response

Bank Guarantees

Green connection