Panama, June 7, 2001. The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) and Panama Public Security Forces have embarked on a six-month joint training program to collaborate on emergency and contingency response strategies for situations that threaten Canal safety or obstruct traffic.

The program’s core objective is to ensure that all participants are familiar with Canal-related safety, emergency and contingency plans. The training will be divided into three phases: response capability evaluation; communications and operational analyses; and a simulation with corresponding deployments. Throughout the program, participants will also evaluate National Defense and Security plans with an aim to integrating Canal safety measures.

Panama Canal Administrator Alberto Aleman Zubieta and Chief of Police Carlos Bares kicked off the program, along with Institutional Protection Service Director, Alejandro Garuz; National Maritime Service Director Jose Isaza; National Aviation Service Director Maximo Carrizo; and Public Security and National Defense Council Executive Secretary, Ramiro Jarvis.