PANAMA CITY, Panama, February 13, 2012 – Panama Canal Authority Administrator Alberto Alemán Zubieta was awarded the Georgia Ports Authority Partnership in Excellence medal. Alemán Zubieta is the first person to have received this medal.

Curtis J. Foltz, GPA Executive Director (left), presents the Georgia Ports Authority Partnership in Excellence medal to Panama Canal Authority Administrator/CEO Alberto Alemán Zubieta.This recognition was presented to Mr. Alemán Zubieta by Curtis J. Foltz, Georgia Ports Authority Executive Director, during the 44th Georgia Foreign Trade Conference (GFTC), which was held on February 6 at The Cloister in Sea Island, Georgia. This conference attracts numerous maritime professionals including those from ocean carriers, retailers, financial institutions, international longshoremen, warehouse operators, customs brokers, freight forwarders, area developers, auto processors, and intermodal service providers. Participants at the GFTC discussed maritime industry opportunities and challenges, while promoting the advancement of trade activity through the Southeastern United States.

“I am honored by this recognition and I share this with the best asset of the Canal – our hard-working world-class employees,” said Alemán Zubieta. “The Panama Canal has always been an integral part of the global supply chain and the expansion of the Canal will change the face of shipping as we know it – and will bring positive benefits for all – from the suppliers, logistics industry, shippers, retailers and consumers.”

Georgia Ports Authority Partnership in Excellence medalWith its unique location at the narrowest point between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, the Canal has had a far-reaching effect on world economic and commercial developments throughout most of this century. Since its opening to international commerce, the Panama Canal has changed trade patterns and made the world more accessible.

The Canal is expanding the waterway to create a new lane of traffic along the Canal through the construction of a new third set of locks.  In addition, the entrances at the Atlantic and Pacific access channels are being deepened and widened. The completion of the $5.25 billion expansion project is an innovative model that will bring both opportunity and change to the industry. By allowing larger vessels to transit and increasing capacity, it will open the Canal to new routes and untapped market segments.

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