Panama, March 16, 2001. During her maiden Panama Canal transit on March 8, Celebrity Cruises Infinity broke the standing toll record held since October 2, 2000, when the USNS Charlton paid $184,420.63 in tolls.

The Liberian flag Infinity paid $201,531.69 for her Panama Canal transit, making her both the largest cruise ship ever to transit the waterway and the first ship to pay over $200,000 in tolls. The Infinity has a length of 964.57 feet, a beam or width of 105.91 feet, and registers 90,280 gross tons, which classifies her as a Panamax vessel.

The Infinity was constructed in St. Nazaire, France, and launched just a few days before her Panama Canal transit, on March 3, 2001. This is the ship’s first trip, a 14-day tour from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, to San Diego, California.

Associated Steamship Agents represents the Infinity in Panama Canal waters.