The driest month of October since 1950

This month of October is the driest since the earliest registers, 73 years ago. The drought caused by the El...

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The Panama Canal Adapts: Strategic Measures for Water Savings

It is not an exclusive concern of the Panama Canal or the country; it is a global problem that affects...

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Beyond Scarcity: How the Canal Manages the Fresh Water Challenge

The year 2023 has been particularly dry, according to Panama Canal statistics, primarily due to the effects of the El...

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Fiscal Year 2024 Update

The Panama Canal’s budget for fiscal year 2024 begins next Sunday, as the authority will continue to manage its operations...

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Panama Canal Adjusts Fresh Water Surcharge

The Panama Canal announces that as of October 1, 2023, modifications to the variable component of the Fresh Water Surcharge...

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Maritime industry continues to prefer route through Panama

Through August, one month before the end of fiscal year 2023, accumulated tonnage for the year is in line with...

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Weekly update on transits through the Panama Canal

The Panama Canal facilitates global maritime trade, ensuring the smooth and safe passage of vessels, even amidst challenging weather conditions....

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Panama Canal faces high demand of vessels

Slightly more than a hundred ships on both sides of the Canal Under regular circumstances, up to 90 ships are...

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Panama Canal Authority adapts to unprecedented challenges

The Panama Canal Authority places great emphasis on providing world class, reliable services to all its customers.  Amidst current challenges, the...

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Panama Canal Prepares for the Future: Navigating Challenges with Technical Precision

Amidst current challenges, the Panama Canal is taking proactive measures to ensure its competitiveness and operational capacity for the future....

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Panama Canal maintains competitive draft for the following months

In light of the prolonged effects of the dry season and in compliance with its responsibility to provide reliable and...

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Panama Canal commemorates seventh anniversary of the Neopanamax Locks

On June 26, 2016, thousands of people observed the beginning of a new era for the country with the inauguration...

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