• Experts from eight countries meet to share their knowledge

PANAMA CITY, Panama, January 15, 2013 – On January 16, 2013, the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) will inaugurate the First International Maintenance Congress, highlighting a culture of profitability, maintenance and sustainability for businesses. Experts from United States, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay and Panama will participate.

The congress will be held in the Ascanio Arosemena Training Center until January 18, 2013. Professionals in the fields of maintenance and engineering will attend, sharing their knowledge and experiences in training for a culture of prevention. The exhibition will emphasize practical experiences and modern approaches to maintenance management in Panama and abroad.

“We want to demonstrate that maintenance is important. As proof, we have a Canal that is about to turn 100 years old and still runs perfectly,” Panama Canal Administrator Jorge L. Quijano said.

The Panama Canal decided to organize this conference as a way to contribute its expertise in the areas of maintenance, in order to improving reliability, productivity and profitability.

The congress will develop three main topics: reliability and maintenance, management of maintenance and maintenance technology.

Speakers at the three-day event include Marco Alcantara (Venezuela), Bruno Morello Briones (Chile), Carlos Perez (Colombia), Lourival Tavares (Brazil) and Gerardo Trujillo (Mexico).
Participants will receive theoretical knowledge and will share practical experience that will allow them to make decisions and apply strategies to develop a maintenance culture within their organizations.

For more information, please visit the website: http://micanaldepanama.com/congreso/

About the Panama Canal Authority (ACP)
The ACP is the autonomous agency of the Government of Panama in charge of managing, operating and maintaining the Panama Canal. The operation of the ACP is based on its organic law and the regulations approved by its Board of Directors. For more information, please refer to the ACP’s website: http://www.pancanal.com/. You can also follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/thepanamacanal.