Monday, March 12, 2001. Once again the Panama Canal Authority webcam has received international recognition, this time appearing on Webcam World’s website, which features one online camera a week for excellence in originality, creativity and layout. The Canal webcam was listed as Webcam of the Week this past February 27, in the Webcam World Featured Webcams section.

The following week, the Canal webcamera link was placed in Webcam World’s gallery of Past Featured Webcams, which can be accessed at Webcam World’s February newsletter also mentioned the online camera, and praised the Canal website photo gallery for its panoramic photographs.

Since its inauguration, the Canal webcam has received numerous recognitions and awards. The site allows visitors to view transit activities at the Miraflores Locks, in the waterway’s Pacific sector, and the camera’s angle changes often, transmitting a variety of views. Websurfers can even request a change in angle via an email to the operators; s such requests are honored as time and circumstances at the Miraflores Locks allow.

The Panama Canal Authority website provides up-to-date information on Canal operations and modernization and improvement programs, as well as featuring press releases and fascinating historical and technical facts. Websurfers can access the site and learn about this engineering wonder of the world at