PANAMA CITY, Panama, July 6, 2005 –- Successful businessman, visionary and acclaimed author Dr. Stephen R. Covey, widely known for his series of books on organizational leadership, including the international best-seller The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, was truly impressed and clearly affected by his recent visit to the Panama Canal.

Recognizing the beauty and vast significance of the role that the Canal has played in stimulating global commerce, Covey proclaimed, “I am overwhelmed with this visit.  It is enormously impressive.  It serves the whole world and I hope the Panamanian people know how in debt our world is for managing and operating the canal so beautifully, so it can facilitate the movement of ships around the world.”

Covey embodies the thoughts of many tourists and visitors to Panama, who are often captivated by their first viewing of the Canal.  As Covey’s remarks indicate, the global community continues to recognize the important role the Panama Canal has played in fostering international relations.

Stephen R. Covey, world renowned author and management consultant, offered praise and admiration for the Panama Canal during his June 8 visit to the Miraflores Visitors’ Center.  Pictured at the far left is José Miralles, Covey’s representative in Panama.  At the far right is Deputy Administrator for the ACP, Engineer Manuel Benitez.

About the Panama Canal Authority
The Panama Canal Authority is the autonomous agency of the Government of Panama in charge of managing, operating and maintaining the Panama Canal.  The operation of the Panama Canal Authority is based on its organic law and the regulations approved by its Board of Directors.  For more information, please refer to the Panama Canal Authority’s Web site:

The Authority’s responsibility to the Panamanian people is paramount. The Canal belongs to the people and benefits from the Canal should accrue to as many Panamanians as possible.  The Authority will plan its future so that it will continually contribute to the economic development and welfare of the citizens of Panama.