PANAMA CITY, Panama, March 23, 2015 – The Panama Canal announced that the Roberto F. Chiari Library, home to thousands of Canal documents and books, will receive a valuable collection of historical pieces dating from the French period of the Canal’s construction.

The donation-made from the private collection of Dr. Christian Moreau-features a number of books, newspaper articles, caricatures and other documents dating back to 1843. It offers a unique and interesting look at the Canal’s rich history, including the role of French diplomat Ferdinand de Lesseps who led the Canal’s first construction a century ago.

?Dr. Moreau, a retired French physician who specializes in the history of de Lesseps, announced his intention to donate the collection after visiting the Canal in 2013 to observe progress on the Expansion.

Dr. Moreau and several members of the Association du Souvenir de Ferdinand de Lesseps met with Canal Administrator Jorge L. Quijano. Mr. Quijano and Dr. Moreau discussed their shared desire to preserve the historical legacy between their two countries, and the Library was selected as a natural home to display the collection.

“It’s a huge responsibility for this institution, since we will be guardians of a historical treasure,” said Quijano. “It’s a source of great pride to make such material available to the Panamanian nation.”

About the Panama Canal Authority (ACP)
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About the Roberto F. Chiari Library
Founded in 1914, the Roberto F. Chiari Library, is named in honor of the late Panamanian President. The library opened eight days after the inauguration of the Panama Canal, making it the oldest library in Panama. It houses technical and historical books, maps, directories and documents on the Canal in order to provide all ACP employees with research in support of their mission.