Panama, January 7, 2001. The Jag Rekha, a cargo vessel traveling under Indian flag, went aground in Culebra Cut at 6:05 a.m. this morning. Thankfully, there were no injuries to report, nor was Canal traffic interrupted.

The vessel, carrying a cargo of iron manufactures, was headed toward the Atlantic Ocean this morning when it scraped bottom at the west bank of Bas Obispo, just north of Culebra or Gaillard Cut, near Gamboa.

Thanks to experienced, specialized Panama Canal Authority (ACP) personnel, the situation was immediately brought under control. The Jag Rekha, 635.96 feet long with a beam or width of 90.75 feet, is docked at Gamboa while awaiting the results of investigations currently underway at the ACP. Canal traffic, in the meantime, continues without interruptions.