Panama Canal Celebrates World Water Day with Steady Draft Through 2022

Two years ago, the Panama Canal faced an unprecedented dilemma. After months of unusually dry weather, rainfall at the waterway...

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Panama Canal Contributed to the Maritime Industry’s Reduction of 16 Million Tons of CO2 in 2021

The Panama Canal contributed to the reduction of 16 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent emissions in 2021, in...

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Propelling the Canal Forward: Panama Canal Leaders Share Their 2022 Outlook

This month marks the end of another record-breaking year at the Panama Canal – no simple feat – given the challenges it faced, from global supply chain...

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Panama Canal Caps Month of Sustainability Advocacy with Preview of Upcoming Decarbonization Measures and Next Steps on Water Solution

On the heels of COP26, the Panama Canal announces Green Vessel Classification Plan and engagement with the U.S. Army Corps...

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Panama Canal Administrator on Global Supply Chain Issues, Record FY21 Traffic and Significant Investments Through 2030

The Panama Canal began its Fiscal Year 2022 (FY22) at the start of October, marking the end to a year...

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Investing in Longevity and Carbon Neutrality: Setting the Stage for the Path Forward at the Panama Canal

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly changed the status quo of the shipping industry. As supply chains shifted, trade patterns once...

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History in Pictures: 107 Years of the Panama Canal

Maritime trade in the Americas before the Panama Canal opened 107 years ago required sailing around Cape Horn, the southernmost...

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Celebrating the Legacy and Future of the Panama Canal’s Green Connection Environmental Program

Today, the Panama Canal presented the MSC Virgo, a containership with a Total TEU Allowance (TTA) of 15,746, with a...

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The Transformation of the Panama Canal’s Service Since the Expansion

Five years ago, the Panama Canal opened the Neopanamax Locks, creating a third lane for traffic at the waterway. The...

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Part of the Solution: How the Canal Protects the Natural Resources of the Watershed

Beyond the Panama Canal being a link for world maritime trade, the Canal Watershed facilitates connectivity for the rich biodiversity...

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Safety at the Center of the Panama Canal’s Service to Global Trade

his piece originally appeared on Administrator Ricaurte Vásquez Morales’s LinkedIn Page; follow him or the Panama Canal on LinkedIn to receive the latest...

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Connecting the World Through the Panama Canal

he Panama Canal has improved global commerce, transportation, and connectivity for more than 100 years. Through its shortened route and...

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