Maritime industry continues to prefer route through Panama

Through August, one month before the end of fiscal year 2023, accumulated tonnage for the year is in line with...

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Weekly update on transits through the Panama Canal

The Panama Canal facilitates global maritime trade, ensuring the smooth and safe passage of vessels, even amidst challenging weather conditions....

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Panama Canal faces high demand of vessels

Slightly more than a hundred ships on both sides of the Canal Under regular circumstances, up to 90 ships are...

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Panama Canal Prepares for the Future: Navigating Challenges with Technical Precision

Amidst current challenges, the Panama Canal is taking proactive measures to ensure its competitiveness and operational capacity for the future....

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Panama Canal commemorates seventh anniversary of the Neopanamax Locks

- Anniversary comes with challenges on water and climate - Over 20,600 vessels have transited the Neopanamax locks since their...

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Sustainability of the Panama Canal reaches the United Nations

Panama Canal Administrator, Ricaurte Vásquez Morales, participated in the United Nations (UN) Water Conference held in New York, United States....

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Water: The challenges that come with the dry season

The country enters the dry season, and for the Panama Canal these are months of great challenges. During the following...

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The Panama Canal celebrates 21 years of reforestation: a tree for every Panamanian

The Panama Canal commemorated with the symbolic planting of a seedling in the Canal Administration Building the 5 millionth tree...

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Panama Canal Readies to Accommodate Peak Season Fluctuations

October typically marks the start of peak season at the Panama Canal, as the global shipping industry and supply chains...

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Panama Canal Leads Investments in Water Research & Reliability in the Region

In the months to come, major global convenings will bring together public and private sector leaders in hopes of driving...

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Panama Canal Calls on Ships to Protect Marine Life as Nearby Annual Migration Begins

By promoting seasonal traffic lanes and speed limits, the waterway hopes to considerably decrease the risk of vessels striking migrating...

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Panama Canal Welcomes Largest Vessel by Cargo Capacity, Marking Expansion’s Continued Impact Six Years Later

The waterway celebrates roundtrip voyage of containership Zephyr, the largest vessel by cargo capacity to ever transit, days after the...

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