ACP Fiscal Year 2002 Budget Contemplates Channel Deepening

Panama, June 21, 2001. The new Panama Canal budget for fiscal year 2002, currently under review in Panama’s legislature, includes a...

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Panama Legislators Review Next Canal Budget

Panama, June 8, 2001. The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) submitted its proposed fiscal year 2002 budget to Panama’s legislative budget committee...

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Canal and Panama Security Forces Launch Joint Training Program

Panama, June 7, 2001. The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) and Panama Public Security Forces have embarked on a six-month joint training...

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New Advisory Board Member Visits the Panama Canal

Panama, June 5, 2001. The Panama Canal Advisory Board’s newest member, Salvador A. Jurado, visited the waterway for the first time...

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Cocle University Students to Receive Research Training from Canal Watershed Study

Panama, June 4, 2001. An innovative program promoted by the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) in the Western region of the Canal...

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Panamax Vessel Traffic Increases at Panama Canal

Panama, May 23, 2001. Panamax vessel traffic continues its upward trend at the Panama Canal, with 2,687 transits by Panamax vessels...

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Panama Canal 2002 Budget Proposal Reflects Increase in Traffic Forecast

Panama, May 22, 2001. The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) fiscal year 2002 budget anticipates increases in traffic and cargo tonnage. The...

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Panama Canal Receives ISO 9001 Certification

Panama, May 15, 2001 - The Panama Canal Maritime Operations Department, as well as the Human Resources Department’s Training and...

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New Advisory Board Member Visits the Panama Canal

Panama, May 4, 2001. The Panama Canal Advisory Board's newest member, Armando Codina, visited the waterway for the first time this...

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Panama Canal Implements Web-Based Procurement System

Panama, April 20, 2001. The Panama Canal Authority’s (ACP) decentralized procurement system was brought online this past November 4. The innovative...

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Radiance of the Seas Breaks Canal Record

Panama, April 19, 2001. During her maiden Panama Canal transit on April 12, Royal Caribbean’s Radiance of the Seas broke the standing toll...

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Containerized Cargo Reaches Record High at Panama Canal

Panama, March 27, 2001. Tonnage and containerized cargo transported via the Panama Canal have been rising steadily. During the first five...

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