The Reliability of the Panama Canal in Times of Volatility

By Dr. Ricaurte Vásquez Morales, Administrator of the Panama Canal I’ve recently returned from the World Energy Congress in Rotterdam,...

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From Crisis to Opportunity: Rethinking Water Management in a Changing Climate

As climate change intensifies, I’ve noticed a notable increase in extreme weather events hampering critical shipping routes and waterways from...

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Clearing the Waters: Dispelling Myths About Panama Canal Operations

Now nearing the end of the dry season, the Panama Canal is adapting to the climate conditions.  Based on the...

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Panama Canal Announces Increase in Daily Slots at Panamax Locks

In response to the present and projected level of Gatun Lake, the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) announced Today through Advisory to...

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Navigating Change: A Timeline of Recent & Future Progress at the Panama Canal

It’s no secret that the accelerating implications of climate change have had economic, social and environmental impacts worldwide, including waterways...

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Panama Canal offers update to the maritime industry

Last week, the Panama Canal held a webinar with international maritime associations to offer an Industry Update. The Panama Canal...

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From Cross-fillings to Long-Term Solutions: How the Panama Canal is addressing the issue of water head on

The Panama Canal has been a diligent steward of its most precious resource—water, dedicating extensive research and investments to its...

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The driest month of October since 1950

This month of October is the driest since the earliest registers, 73 years ago. The drought caused by the El...

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The Panama Canal Adapts: Strategic Measures for Water Savings

It is not an exclusive concern of the Panama Canal or the country; it is a global problem that affects...

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Beyond Scarcity: How the Canal Manages the Fresh Water Challenge

The year 2023 has been particularly dry, according to Panama Canal statistics, primarily due to the effects of the El...

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Maritime industry continues to prefer route through Panama

Through August, one month before the end of fiscal year 2023, accumulated tonnage for the year is in line with...

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Weekly update on transits through the Panama Canal

The Panama Canal facilitates global maritime trade, ensuring the smooth and safe passage of vessels, even amidst challenging weather conditions....

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