For 94 years the Panama Canal has served as a leading maritime trade route used by businesses and travelers from around the world. We at the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) manage the Canal using a market-oriented business model, designed to maintain strong communications and stable relationships with all our stakeholders. Part of the model includes a sustainability program, which ensures the welfare of not only our customers, but also Canal employees, suppliers and surrounding environment and community. Major components of the program include:

  • Educational assistance and training programs for ACP employees;
  • International forums to share ideas with customers;
  • Local educational and cultural programs; and,
  • Environmental conservation and protection initiatives.

I am also pleased to announce the ACP obtained the highest rating, 95 out of 100, in the 2008 Panamanian Public Institutions Integrity Index grading, promoted by the Foundation for Citizenship Freedom with the sponsorship of the United Nations for Democracy. The ACP was one of 34 state companies that completed a 65-question survey to determine factors of institutional quality, transparency and citizen participation. As highlighted in the Index, the ACP works with efficiency, professionalism and dedication to strengthen our culture of strong ethics and to honor our vision of excellence, integrity and transparency.

We at the ACP are excited to receive this recognition and remain steadfast in our sustainability efforts. To read the ACP Annual Report 2008 and Sustainability Report 2007, please visit the ACP Web site at:

Thank you,

Alberto Alemán Zubieta
The Panama Canal Authority (ACP)